Next Steps in Car-hacking

I’m going to make the wild and unwarranted assumption that you have come here via my previous article; if you haven’t then I’d recommend having a gander here. Let’s talk about the ELM327 adapter first and what it’s actually doing…Continue Reading →

Saying #6

public Drink SelectPort(Conditions weather, string brandPreference) { switch (weather) { case Conditions.Storm: return drinks.First(d => d.Category == “Port”); break; default: return drinks.First(d => d.Category == “Port” && d.brand == brandPreference); break; } }

“A Bit Blue”

A Waterfall in Wales

Off the strength of my first couple of posts, I’ve been having rather more conversations about depression than is the norm; lot’s of other people’s perspectives, thoughts and experiences have been shared with me – I am amazed at how…Continue Reading →

“Under the Weather”

A stack of rocks on a beach.

As you may have gathered from my previous posts, my first depression was not an isolated incident. I think I’ve probably had about four major depressions¬†in my lifetime, but each time there has been a different ‘flavour’ to the experience….Continue Reading →

Saying #3

public bool CheckCatchWorm(object Catchee, DateTime timeToTest) { if (Catchee.GetType() == typeof(Bird) && timeToTest.Hours < 7) { return true; } else { return false;} }

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