Beans & Sausage

Not eating out. Or in.

Last night was a bit interrupted, so I wasn’t able to prepare today’s “welcome” text – I’ll update this through the day instead and see how we do.

09:00 Oh no. I’ve forgotten my medication; that could add a new dimension to things! Apart from that, still feeling ok this morning, was maybe just a little more dehydrated than I’d expect.

10:00 Medication has arrived. It’ll take a bit before I feel less twitchy though.

11:00 My stomach is actually grumbling for the first time. I think I expected it rather earlier than this, and it isn’t half loud!

12:00 Halfway there… and I’ve booked a table at Franky & Bennies for my first meal after the fast. I’ll drop the fry up idea in exchange for a Southern Fried Philly Cheese Goo-fest. Oh yes.

13:00 Early afternoons are my weak point – there’s no doubt now. Yesterday I had a slump from about 14:00 to 15:00, and today I can feel the same feelings creeping upon me. Focusing on the task at hand is now a bit more tricky, and I can feel the text of my lunchtime reading “getting away from me a bit”.

Maybe reading Knuth while low on blood sugar is a doubtful decision, but it does raise the question of if human intellectual development and the rise of agriculture are linked. Maybe one to think about when I have more spare capacity.

14:00 I’ll have to call it there I’m afraid. As I expected, the post 13:00 crash came on, but this time it was so severe as to affect my work concentration, and that’s not allowable.

Off to the shop to buy some food now – I shall pop some thoughts down this evening (hopefully when I feel a bit better!)

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