Joy Evening

The Fast and the Fat

First things first, I’ve noticed that there were a lot of people who couldn’t get to the site any more – I’m sorry, but my site’s firewall was making some very strange decisions because of a 3rd party cookie banner I was using. This is fixed (by the simple method of throwing out the old banner), and now you should enjoy unfettered access. I am a professional in this field. Really.

Here we are then, sat at the start of day 2 of the fast. Having resisted the urge to eat the leftover pizza last night, I’m feeling OK. I’m have had occasional waves of woosiness, but these are incredibly short; and anyway shouldn’t be unexpected. Like most people with free access to calories I have trained myself never to be short of blood sugar, and these brief interludes are nothing more than my body adjusting to the sudden crash in levels of available energy.

Joy Evening
A bowl of spaghetti and meatballs. Joy unbounded for Spugs.

And of course, all this is an experience. I’ve long held that every now and then you should shake up your thinking and find ways to change your perspectives – all part of the healthy practice of examining your opinions every now and then; why you hold them and whether you still actually cleave to that belief. There’s a certain part of me which is taking pleasure in just feeling something different. I’m not going to go as far as saying that all experiences are good, but nevertheless I think that your outlook does shape the nature of your experience; to put it another way – “I don’t care that I’m cold and wet – I’m camping”.

Here’s the blow-by-blow for the day:

7:00-9:00 Woke up anti-hungry. Not sick feeling, just with no interest in food. Not entirely unusual for someone who normally skips breakfast, and quite useful given that I was having to exercise some willpower last night.

10:00 Still not hungry, but I do feel a little more light-headed. Water also tastes absolutely disgusting right now – although that could be the way our supply water always tastes and I’ve just not noticed before. Experiment pending.

10:34 The water here tastes disgusting; like you’d expect runoff from a heavy agriculture field to taste. May get a testing kit.

11:00 I’m turning over ideas for my first meal in my head.

12:00 I think I’ve got it, it’s going to be a fry up.

  • Double Egg (maybe one fried and one scrambled)
  • Three rashers bacon
  • Home-made hash brown
  • Potato Cakes
  • Double Sausage
  • Beans
  • Mushrooms

13:00 Oh noes – now I have to watch my wife eat lunch. That may be a little more challenging than I thought.

14:00 A nice little walk took my mind off things, although I have to admit I’m now thinking about what 5 days without food means for the electrolyte balance of my blood. Maybe do some research later.

15:00 Urgh, I’m now pretty certain this is the bad patch. It makes sense, my body is used to a fairly large lump of calories well before this – pretty sure the walk won’t have helped.

Still, this is the kind of thing that I think my body should be trained out of. I don’t think that your performance should degrade after only 40 hours without food, and I wonder the body can be taught to deal with calorie availability more sensibly.

16:00 This is challenging, but it is getting easier now.

17:00 – 23:00 Actually the evening was really easy; energy levels about normal, and no more woozy spells. Good way to finish the day.

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